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The Most Versatile Generator on the Market

The VSP Electric outperforms other generators because it gives you the options and versatility of five different types of generators all at once. Using clean, efficient sine wave energy, the VSP unit can be used as a residential or industrial backup, a portable generator, an emergency battery backup with built-in surge and spike protection, or a portable power station for renewable energy sources. It can even be set up as a home control center to help you harvest solar or wind power so you may gain independence from the grid. The VSP unit is efficient enough to perform entirely off-grid, using only wind and solar kits, in areas such as portable hospitals, construction sites, and military camps. As an added bonus, VSP generators are naturally environmentally-friendly products which can be securely installed indoors, even underground, and are perfectly safe for use around pets and children.

The VSP is Your Residential or Business Backup Solution

Using a built-in, automatic two-way transfer switch, the VSP Electric Generator is the perfect back-up power choice for any residential, industrial, or business setting. With this kind of setup, you could potentially have power through even the worst storms and emergency situations. For home use, it will not only protect your appliances and other electronics from potentially harmful power surges, but it will also provide you with backup power whenever there is an issue with the grid. Industrial and business installations are similar, but provide the additional security of keeping your operations running no matter what. Furthermore, VSP electric generators will provide all your sensitive electronics with stable, clean, high-quality power, so you never have to worry about losing precious research or expensive machinery.

Never Without Power with VSP Electric as Your Portable Generator

No matter where you travel, the VSP Electric Generator will be there to provide all your power needs. Utilizing a simple plug-and-play interface, the set-up and take-down is incredibly easy whether you are hooking up to the grid or a renewable resource kit. All required electronics are included and you won’t need to spend any extra money on conversion equipment. The VSP unit even moves under its own power, so there is no pushing or straining required, and it can be piloted around with ease via the power-drive throttle bar handle. And if you are an avid camper, the whisper-quiet operation paired with the exceptional runtime will keep your electronics humming without disturbing your surroundings for hours and hours.

Use Your VSP Unit as an Emergency Battery Backup

We here at VSP are proud to say our generators are so versatile, you can use them as battery backups for sensitive electronics (or other specific items) if that is your need. To do this, you simply need to charge your VSP Electric Generator by plugging it into an outlet or attaching a solar or wind kit to it. Then, connect your electronics directly into the VSP Electric Generator instead of having the generator hooked up to your home generator panel. We also offer additional battery packs if you require extended battery backup power.

Enjoy Renewable Energy No Matter Where You Are

Because it is able to connect to solar and wind turbine kits, the VSP unit is the ideal solution for anyone who requires power on the go. Whether you are part of a military camp, an archaeological dig site, a portable hospital unit, a construction crew, or an aid worker bringing relief to the needy following a natural disaster, we have the tools to keep you powered up and free of worries. Our generators have made trips out onto the ocean in boats and brought power to villages in third world countries. The possibilities are endless, thanks to renewable energy, solar paneling, and wind turbine kits.

Gain Energy Independence and Get Off the Grid

Many people don’t know that they can get off of grid power for good through solar paneling, but it’s true. Most areas even offer incentive packages so you can provide excess power back to your community and receive credit for your contribution. And if you want to take it a step further, thanks to the VPower 6kw you can gain true independence from the grid and stop your meter from spinning altogether. Your solar array will feed power into your own unit and power your home and your generators. You will have total control over your electricity – period!

Enjoy These Benefits with a VSP Generator

  • Easy to use, plug-and-play, turnkey style unit with zero hassle.
  • Self-propelled generator will not break your back, ever.
  • No additional fuel costs.
  • No harmful fumes or chemicals.
  • No maintenance.
  • No confusing mechanics or instructions to follow.
  • Renewable-energy compatible; hooks up to solar and wind kits.
  • Clean, pure sine-wave electricity won’t harm your electronics.
  • Safety measures for surge protection give additional layers of security.

We Here at VSP Appreciate You

As an American-made business, VSP has spent well over a decade perfecting the VSP Electric Generator, which is the world’s first portable electric generator. We have a strong focus on manufacturing quality, and customer education regarding renewable energy is one of our top priorities. Thank you for choosing VSP North America!